How Long Do Dogs Sleep in a Day? What You Need To Know

Pets such as dogs will often have more time for themselves to enjoy some sleep while we humans get to work. The dogs can be asleep for several hours and in different positions too.

You have to understand that different sleeping positions and hours that the dog sleeps to know when it can be a concern or it is just normal. If you are not careful, you might end up neglecting a sick dog without even knowing.

The dog breed and size could also be an influencing factor when it comes to the sleeping patterns. Normally the smaller breeds would sleep less time as compared to the larger breeds.


How Much is Normal?

If you are looking to keep your dog healthy, it is important that you know how many hours of sleep should be normal. For a dog, 12 to 18 hours of sleep each day should be enough. The puppies, of course, might end up having more sleeping hours than the adult dogs.

Well, not all dogs will have the same sleeping pattern; some will sleep more while others less. The active working dogs such as the service dogs or police dogs will tend to sleep fewer hours. The reason is that they will tend to be active all the time alongside the humans working. Not all breeds could do such type of work, so you need dogs that naturally sleep less. Common active dogs are the German Shepherds or Labrador Retrievers.

There are also the passive working dogs to consider too. These dogs often work passively in cases such as guarding the home or livestock at night. These dogs will always sleep a bit during the day and stand guard at night. They are also more of companion dogs rather than working dogs.

When it comes puppies, it is just like in humans; the young ones will always use more sleep to grow better. The puppies will often just wake up for a few minutes to feed and then go back to sleep. You can keep on checking on the puppies just to make sure they are okay if they tend to nap for more than normal.

The older dogs will tend to sleep more than the younger dogs. They will be taking more naps during the day as it is no longer active. Well, it is something common and it should not be much of a worry for many dog owners.

When To Be Concerned

At some point, you will end up being concerned why the dog is sleeping more or less than expected. Some of the things that affect the sleeping patterns in dogs commonly include a low-quality diet, aging, and poor health.

The low-quality diet will often slow down an active dog most of the time. This is normal because there are no enough nutrients to give the dog enough energy to keep the dog active during the day. Sometimes, the pet foods might have ingredients, which prove hard to digest for the dog. When the dog spends more time and energy to digest the food, then it will not be playful the way you want.

Poor health can often slow down an active dog too. You will find that it would be hard for it to nap peacefully probably because of pains. At this point, you have to let the veterinarian look at the dog and offer guidance on how to treat the dog.

Sleeping Disorders in Dogs

Although the sleeping disorders are not common in dogs, they do happen. You should know about them if you want to help your dog deal with them at some point. The lack of sleep is also another red flag of knowing that there could be more trouble with the dog.

Physical discomfort is the first thing to check out if the dog is not enough sleep. The common cause of physical discomfort could be arthritis, allergies, flea infestation, hip injury, among many other discomforts.

Your dog is just like humans; it can also suffer from emotional disorders. The emotional disorders can include stress, depression and anxiety issues. You might want to keep your dog happy to lower the stress or depression levels.

Here is a quick video to make a bed for your dog.

Sometimes medication could still lead to sleeplessness in dogs. The medication might have side effects that keep the dog from having enough sleep by keeping it awake all the time.

Human Interaction and Environment For Dogs

The problem with dogs is that they cannot complain, but it does not mean that it can sleep anywhere in the house. The dogs too need a comfortable place where they can sleep and feel it is part of their territory.

By now, you understand more about how long do dogs sleep. You can be in a position to determine the best way to resolve the dog’s sleeping issues with ease right now. Share with your friends and help them learn a thing or two about dogs.

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