German Shepherd Black Lab Mix – The Best Dog Breed for Your Family

It is amazing how you can end up with a great dog breed by mixing two different breeds. As for the German Shepherd black lab mix, it comes from a cross between the Golden Labrador and a German Shepherd. The result is that you end up a great looking dog with a sleek and lean body. Other characteristics would be floppy ears, long haired tail and still a short haired coat. The coloring is more often towards the German Shepherd breed. There are so many fascinating things you will get to learn about this breed below.


Breed Temperament

Before you can allow a dog to be close to your family, it is always crucial to learn more about its temperament. You will only feel safe when you are sure it is a friendly dog. The German Shepherd black lab mix is the friendliest and playful dog you can own today. The breed is often liked by many families as it has always proven the best loyalty and has no problem with human contact.

It comes as a dog that loves to exercise. It should be a trait that it took up from the German Shepherd. Whenever you own such a dog, you should be a person who also likes dog exercises. It could be a simple exercise such as walking the dog each day, it does not have to be anything vigorous.

If you want the dog to have fun times playing with the kids, make sure to provide it with something it can chew. It really likes to chew, so as a precaution to prevent it from chewing shoes and other objects in the house, you should buy them some toys for chewing.

The Size

The size can vary from one dog to another, but generally they are big dogs. You would find a male German Shepherd black lab mix weighing about 55 pounds and a female weighing 45 pounds.

Health Issues

Not many people would want to end up with a dog that will need more trips to the vet. As mentioned before, this is an exercising dog that you could enjoy working out with for some time. If you do not exercise it more often, it tends to develop hip dysplasia. The exercising will keep it within its ideal weight and make it have few health issues. With a life expectancy of about 14 years, it should be well taken care of to help it last that long.

Still, as part of making sure that the dog does not have many health problems, the living conditions should always be checked. You have to keep its environment clean so that not many health issues can come up in the end.

Since it is an energetic dog, you have to keep up in terms of exercises. You can have it running around in the backyard freely playing with Frisbees. The problem with this breed is that it can develop some mischief if it is left to just sit around bored. You might start seeing it digging holes in the backyard or worse chewing your shoes.

Here is How to Exercise with Your Dog


The German Shepherd black lab mix will have a thick coat, which often looks nice when maintained properly. You will have to brush it more often to keep the shine and help the dog look its best. These dogs would often shed their coat twice in a year. With the regular maintenance, it should be easy to remove the dead hair and leave it looking great still.

It is also easy to note that the breed will have a discharge from their eyes. It would be great if you can actually get rid of such discharge to ensure that you have a healthy dog at all times. Wiping away the discharge will help avoid the irritation and some additional infections to the eyes.

Sometimes you might have to call a professional groomer to help with making it look its best. This comes to the nails of the German Shepherd black lab mix dog. If you are unsure of how to keep it still during the growing part, then have a professional do it.


You do not just want to buy the dog and keep it in the house, you are supposed to look for ways to keep it active. For such a reason, this breed is best suited for people with families. The dog will always have lots of company for playing and also exercising. Since it is also seen as a protective dog, it can help guard the house while you are away.


The German Shepherd black lab mix comes as a dog with a lot of energy, you should be able to keep up if you are looking to get one for yourself. The dog is also strong, so do not worry about making many trips to the vet looking for help. With the best care, this breed can always live up to its full potential.

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Barbara C. Holladay - March 8, 2017

At 71,I have had many German Shepherds through the years and that will probably be my next dog. All of mine are rescues. I currently have a yellow lab; he is a wonderful calm dog but not playful and probably not protective although my friends think that he would be because he has bonded so tightly to me over the past 4 years. Jake is 11 or so and I hope to have him for many more years. My last dog Parquet, a golden lab mix, lived to be a few weeks shy of 17 so we may yet have several more years to take walks and car rides and road trips! Hope so.
Enjoyed your blog. Will be back!


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