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The Best Dog Food for Huskies to Buy – Every Dog Owner Should Know

The husky dog breed is quite common these days with many people wanting a piece of their action. These dogs are known to be athletic, so they can be fun to have if you like spending outdoors with your dog. Even if you are going to own the breed, it is always crucial that you end up feeding it right. The dog needs the right type of food or else it starts to become lazy with no sign of fun at all.

Do not let the tough Huskies breed scare you into choosing another one, you would be surprised by just easy it is to maintain the dog with simple feeding.

Can I Give My Dog Quinoa?

Does your dog look at you with puppy dog eyes while you eat? Do you get this urge to give him your food but you’re not sure if it would be good for him? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Quinoa can be one of the tastiest food you’ll ever taste in your life. It is a grain crop that is grown mainly for its seeds. These seeds are then cooked and voila! You can eat your food. But wait! Look at your dog! He looks so envious of your quinoa. But can dogs eat quinoa?

Can Dogs Eat Sesame Seeds? Good & Bad

Do you have a dog or a number of them? Are you conscious of what is in your dogs’ food? If so, just like me you might often have had several instances when you wonder whether certain foods are okay with your dog.

Sesame seeds are essentially one of the healthiest foods for humans. They are highly rich in copper, manganese, magnesium, and iron, phosphorous among other, minerals our body must be nourished with. A look at these benefits prompted me to want to get answers to this important question, that is, can dogs eat sesame seeds?