Can I Give My Dog Quinoa?

Does your dog look at you with puppy dog eyes while you eat? Do you get this urge to give him your food but you’re not sure if it would be good for him? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Quinoa can be one of the tastiest food you’ll ever taste in your life. It is a grain crop that is grown mainly for its seeds. These seeds are then cooked and voila! You can eat your food. But wait! Look at your dog! He looks so envious of your quinoa. But can dogs eat quinoa?


What is Quinoa?

If you check anywhere, a lot of sources will tell you that quinoa is one of the most popular healthy food in the world.

What is quinoa

​Quinoa is highly comparable to cereal and it is gluten-free. A gluten-free means there is no grains, wheat, barley, rye, or hybrids of these grains. On the other hand, it is also high in protein which is good for muscle and energy building.

According to, one of the most beneficial things about quinoa is that it’s full of nutrients. But on the other hand, it contains a little too much protein which may be a bad thing for dogs when given a high amount. An excessive amount of protein may lead to problems in dogs with kidney or liver problems.

Aside from that, there are not many bad things to say about quinoa.

In addition, it contains a high amount of fibre, magnesium, B-vitamins, iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin E, and many other anti-oxidants.

So Can I Give My Dog Quinoa?

​Well, the answer is….YES, YOU CAN!

How much quinoa can my dog eat

Make sure the quinoa seeds are cooked before you give them to your pup, of course. It is very high in protein and good carbohydrates so it’s great for the more energetic dogs. When introducing quinoa to your dog, do it in a gradual manner. Start out with a small amount mixed in with their previous dog food and gradually increase the amount everyday.

For the vegetarians out there looking for their diet buddies, quinoa is the food for you. It is rich in amino acids which are a necessity for your dog’s diet.

In fact, a lot of high-quality dog foods contain quinoa as an ingredient. More people are resorting to quinoa as a healthier alternative for carbohydrates sources like bread or rice. Now, your dog can eat healthy with you too!

​How do you prepare quinoa?

How do you prepare quinoa

Before you give quinoa to your dog, make sure it is properly prepared. This is to make sure it is safe.

Because quinoa is plant based, it may contain chemicals from when it was being harvested. So it is very important to rinse and wash it very well before you start cooking it.

Cooking it is quite easy and can be done in just 15 minutes.

According to, You choose a liquid, depending on your or your dog’s preferences and stir the quinoa in it. Simmer it on low heat. The ratio should be 2:1 which means that for every 2 cups of liquid, there should be 1 cup of quinoa. After 15 minutes, check on it to see if it’s done. If it is, take it out and it’s ready!

Beware though! Uncooked quinoa can lead to an upset stomach in dogs. Cook it well before serving it to your dog.

How much quinoa can my dog eat?

Everything in this life should be in moderation. That goes for quinoa as food for dogs too.

Due to the fact that quinoa contains a high amount of fibre, it may lead to diarrhea in your dogs. So make sure to feed them moderately and not too much. If your dog shows signs of constipation or diarrhea, stop feeding them quinoa immediately.

If you’re not sure what is the normal amount you should feed your dog, contact your local veterinarian.


To sum it all up, quinoa is a great way to step up the health game of both you and your dog. If you would like to opt for a healthier alternative to carbohydrates such as rice and bread, then quinoa is the food for you. It will provide a wonderful diet for your dog. Always make sure to start with a small amount to see if it will have no bad effects on your pet. As healthy as this food may be, it is not meant to replace your dog’s food as a whole. Dogs are still carnivores and will be at their best state when fed meat.

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