The Best Dog Food for Huskies to Buy – Every Dog Owner Should Know

The husky dog breed is quite common these days with many people wanting a piece of their action. These dogs are known to be athletic, so they can be fun to have if you like spending outdoors with your dog. Even if you are going to own the breed, it is always crucial that you end up feeding it right. The dog needs the right type of food or else it starts to become lazy with no sign of fun at all.

Do not let the tough Huskies breed scare you into choosing another one, you would be surprised by just easy it is to maintain the dog with simple feeding.


Calorie Requirements for Huskies

Before you can start buying the best dog food for Huskies, it is important you get to learn about the meal requirements that the dog needs. The Huskies are not picky eaters and they also need a small amount of food to help them survive. Do not worry about the cost of buying food putting a hole in your wallet.

On average, the husky dog would only need around 1150 calories each day. This value could easily change when you are looking at the activity level of the dog. For a dog that would be having many exercises, then 1800 calories for each day should be sufficient. For an older husky, you can always expect that the activity level would be on the downside, so as the food. It would only require 1000 calories on each day to keep it surviving.

These calories are crucial to support the physical health and the energetic body of your husky dog. You would get the best calories from food with high content of proteins. It is crucial that you watch the daily activities and the energy levels of the dog just to make sure it is looking good all the time. It is the reason you have food portioning so that you can increase or reduce whenever necessary.

As much as you want to feed your husky dog with the best food, you have to watch out for cases of overfeeding. You would often find some people overfeeding their dogs sometimes that they end up being obese. Just like in humans, the obese dogs would also end up with health issues.

Check out this video to help you understand some of the exercises to use to keep the dog fit

Nutrient Requirements for Huskies

As part of feeding your dog, it would be best if you can stay within the recommended nutrient percentages. Anything over the percentages could lead to issues of imbalance. As part of feeding the dog, it would need nutrients such as proteins, fiber, fat, and much more.

  • Proteins
  • Fats
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Carbohydrates
  • Water

Proteins are essential for the development of your dog. We all know that the proteins are important for building the muscles and making any repairs to the damaged tissues. Being an athletic dog, it certainly needs the proteins to keep it always looking great.

The recommendations for the protein percentage in the diet vary with the age and activity level. Most nutritionists are now recommending that you give the dog proteins covering around 35 percent of the daily diet. It can go up to as high as 40 percent for those who are involved in a common energetic lifestyle.

Sources of proteins are quite many, you can opt for meat as the usual source, but there are many other options available. You could opt for chicken or fish as the other source of proteins.

Reviews of the Top Rated Dog Food

By now, you must have searched for the best dog food for Huskies, but the result would be too many products to choose. In such a case, you would need a guide to help you with choosing the right dog food. Below, we get to check out a few of the top products that you can use for feeding your dog starting today.

1. Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food

With this type of food, you would always end up feeding your dog with the right nutrition at all times. It comes with all the essential nutrients would need for making sure that your dog stays healthy at all times. As part of making the product the best, the manufacturer made it have key components important for the dog’s health. It comes with essential vitamins and minerals, proper portions of different essential nutrients and high-quality proteins and additional carbohydrates.


With 80 percent being proteins, it is an amazing powerhouse that will keep your dog in the right health with the tissues being formed each day. The anti-oxidants too are important to ensure your dog stays healthy by fighting the different disease-causing organisms.


  • High-quality meat proteins are present
  • No filler material that could affect the dog with allergies
  • Helps boost the immune system
  • It is easy for the dog to digest it


  • It can easily get molds if not stored properly
  • Some breeds might be sensitive to the product

2. Purina Pro Plan Savor Dry Dog Food

The taste of the food should feel real even for the dog. No more flavors that might end up giving the dog allergies. With the real taste, you can expect that the dog would love eating such type of food more often. The food is made of high-quality ingredients that promise great benefits for the dog. The proteins come from real chicken, which would make the dog grow stronger with time.


The use of probiotic fiber in the food helps a lot in the digestion process. You will not have to worry about ending up with a dog that cannot digest its meals. With the fiber being great on your dog’s stomach, it would also help in the absorption of the nutrients in the end.


  • It offers a great taste for the dog
  • It is made of high-quality ingredients
  • It has the optimal levels of different nutrients


  • The food can easily get infested by insects if not sealed properly

3. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Rocky Mountain Dry Adult Dog Food

This diet has been inspired by multiple nutritionists who were looking to have the best dog food that delivers the right nutrients. The food comes rich in proteins and other nutrients that would be beneficial to your dog. Well, after your dog tastes the meal, it would always howl for more.


The use of rolls makes it easy for you to serve your dog with the right amount of meal at all times. You simply have to slice and dice the rolls and feed your dog. You will only feed the dog the right amount of rolls to keep it healthy. As much as the food is great for the dog, we all know the effects of overfeeding.


  • It comes as a protein-rich product
  • It is rich in anti-oxidants
  • It is easy to serve the food


  • It is not the best for dogs with high sensitivities

4. Hill’s Science Diet Large Breed Dry Dog Food

With the ingredients you get with this product, your dog will always have a great time eating the food. Most vets you visit with your dog, they would often recommend this food type. You would be happy to know that it has the best ratings among the many dog foods available today. The high-quality ingredients are what often make it better than other types of dog foods.


Since the food can deliver the clinically proven antioxidants, you can now be sure that your dog will always stay healthy. You would never have to worry about things such as artificial colors, preservatives or other fillers that could harm the dog whenever using the food.


  • The food delivers the right nutrients for all dogs
  • No fillers or flavors are added to the food
  • It is easy on your dog’s stomach
  • It has clinically proven antioxidants


  • Some users have complained about receiving a low quality product

5. Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Food

Sometimes you might end up with dog food having imitations in terms of food such as meat. Well, things are different whenever you get this model. You would be happy to know that this product has the right ingredients that work great for your dog. The taste of meat you get from the food is of real roasted meat. The food is still supplemented with vegetables and fruits that help deliver a great balanced diet for your dog.


Since it is grain free, the dog food should be great for the dogs of all ages. It would not end up making the dog feel uncomfortable in any way. Since the protein is highly digestible, you would not have to worry about the dog ending up with issues such as constipation.


  • It helps the dog have an impressive immune system
  • It has antioxidants important for the dog
  • It is made of real roasted meat
  • It is suitable for dogs of different life stages


  • Not all dog breeds would love this food. Some just walk away from it


You should have a clear mind of what to choose when it comes to finding the best dog food for Huskies. You would also know how to pick one product from the reviews made above about the different dog foods. If you are still unsure about which to choose, the Wellness Core Natural grain dog food should be a great choice. It has all the right ingredients and works fine for most dog breeds.

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